Taranasha Wallace

Tara Wallace

Taranasha Wallace: 5 Things You Need To Know

Jackson State University1. Taranasha Wallace is a college Graduate. She holds a degree in Dramatic Arts from Jackson State University. She graduated with a 3.4 GPA and was also apart of the MADDRAMA acting troupe at school. This beauty may just be a baby Mama to Peter Gunz but she’s well educated and has a lot of career experience. After college she continued to develop her acting skills in NYC at the Actor’s Studio Drama School. There she got her MFA and after having children she had to stall her acting career. Wallace spends her time managing a popular night club in the Meatpacking District in NYC.

Tara Wallace2. Taranasha was born in McComb, Mississippi. She moved to NYC after she graduated from college.

3. Tara’s Net Worth is $200,000. Although she is dating Peter Gunz a well respected Hip Hop manager she hustles on her own. Her net worth was accumulated from her salary as a manager at Griffin a lounge and night club in West Village. She gets paid $70,000 a year.

4. Tara’s Birthday is September 23rd

5. Tara currently acts at a local community theater called the House of Tribes on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. Founded by the Great Astrologer Kwame Adansi-Bona. This is an actual video of the performance no one has seen.

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